Rectangular Cat Cut Tarps: Our most popular models featuring OES premium quality and durability
  • Choose catenary cut for benefits of less noise and tighter pitch!
  • Triple stitched webbing reinforced perimeter with ABS plastic D-rings and nylon pull tabs at all tieouts.
  • Matching silnylon stuff sack.
  • All Catenary Cut tarps feature the entire perimeter having a cat cut.
  • Current colors include Stealth-Gray, Forest Green and Coyote Brown. Color preference can be chosen during checkout.
  • Ridgeline is parallel to the long side on all tarps, a feature many cheaper tarps do not offer. This allows for greater wind shedding strength and long term durability.
  • All tarps in stock are normally shipped within 72 hours!

Catenary Cut:

Silnylon with seam sealing
Cat Cut 8' x 10' Ship in 1-2 weeks
15.2(430 g)
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15.5 oz (440 g)
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Cat Cut 10' x 10' Ship in 1-2 weeks
17.7(500 g)
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18 oz (510 g)
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Cat Cut 10' x 12' Out of stock for season
20.6(580 g)
21 oz (595 g)

Which tarp is right for me?

    8' x 10'

  • Great protection for two with room for a bit of gear, and a palace for one (fits a bike, too). Can be squeezed into the tightest of spots for creative pitching situations.
  • 10' x 10'

  • Looking for more room to spread out? The 10' x 10' is the tarp for you - perfect for sleeping two plus all the gear you can carry, as well as a good cooking fly for up to six.
  • 10' x 12'

  • The big daddy, pitches tight but has room to do everything underneath. Can comfortably sleep 3 plus gear underneath tarp in all but the most extreme weather conditions in addition to hammock use.