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MacCat Tarps Generation 3

Super-taut catenary-cut hexagonal tarps for hammock and tarp camping

Silnylon SpinnUL
Item Dimen* Weight Price Cart Weight Price Cart
MacCat Micro 120"×60" 7.4 oz (210 g) $65.00
MacCat Standard 125"×84" 10.2 oz (335 g) $95.00
8.2 oz (230 g) $140.00
MacCat Deluxe 130"×104" 13.1 oz (370 g) $115.00
10.2 oz (285 g) $160.00
MacCat Ultra 144"×104" 15.4 oz (435 g) $130.00
12.3 oz (350 g) $195.00
Guy line Kit 6 lines, bag 2.0 oz (55 g) $10.00

*Width is measured from the widest point.

MacCat Catenary-cut Tarp
  • Made out of super light, 100% waterproof 1.4 oz Silnylon or .95 oz SpinnUL
  • Hexagonal shaped to provide efficient coverage of any commercial or home-made hammock
  • Catenary-cut sides eliminate tarp sagging and wind flapping
  • Provides cooking, changing, and gear storage space in even wind driven rain
  • Reinforced with triple stitched, webbing backed edging and 210D Kevlar ripstop tieouts with nylon pull tabs and heavy duty ABS plastic D-rings
  • Comes fully seam sealed and in a silnylon stuff sack
  • Generation 3 Generation 3 improvements: Refined tieouts, new superior perimeter reinforcement, and improved seam sealing techniques reducing weight by 15%
  • Guyline kit includes six 6' precut guylines and a reinforced silnylon stake bag

Prices and weights include seam sealing and silnylon stuff sack. Compare that to other tarp manufacturers, who not only expect you to seam seal your own tarp and make your own stuff sack, but don’t include these factors in their final weights. Want to save 0.5oz? Leave the stuff sack at home, or use it as a lightweight ditty bag, they’re perfect sized for a cook kit bag or for storing raingear!

Size Comparisons

MacCat Generation 3 Refinements

  • A 15% or more  reduction in weight through lighter, finer grade materials for the tieouts and edging.
  • Improved seam sealing using better application and less sealant to provide better protection from rain along the seam.
  • Improved stuff sacks with better proportions for easier stuffing.
  • The same price as before! The OES evolution continues at no additional cost to customers.
Tie-out Comparison